Better By Design – Taking Care Of Your Business Print

This is just common sense but so many forget to do it!!

TIP 12 Make it easy to make

Designing your documents so that they can be manufactured easily is often overlooked. Keep your print to industry standard sizes and materials. It will reduce the cost of production and make them easier to use and distribute.

Lots of copy changes and ink colours can make documents complicated to use and expensive to produce. So keep the design simple, use paper flow charts and tinted sheets on multi-part forms.

TIP 3 Make it easy to send

Many of the documents your business produces are destined to be posted. To save time on folding and stuffing them in to an envelope consider using a datamailer. There are many different designs, but essentially they all reduce the amount of work you have to do once they have come off your printer. They are best used for applications like payroll, sales ledger statements, cheque payments and secure or sensitive information.

TIP 14 One for all…all for one

Use a generic document as a base for many different applications. For example the same base document could be used for an invoice, statement, remittance advice, delivery note and purchase order. Use the power of your computer to put in the variables and have “one form fits all.

TIP 15 Pricing in Proportion (PiP)

In 2007 Royal Mail changed its postal rates to take account of the size as well as the weight of posted items. There is now a significant benefit to ensuring that posted items weigh no more than 100gms and are no larger than a slim C5 package. Therefore it is worthwhile reviewing what you mail out. Redesign documents and promotional literature to fit within the new PiP pricing matrix and you could save a small fortune on your postage costs.

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