Buy It Out – Effectively Costing Your Business Print

Don’t be afraid to subcontract the things others can do better.

TIP 16 Get rid of your daily chores

Is invoice processing or payroll printing becoming a chore? Evaluate the amount of time and resource you spend on printing, folding, enclosing and posting such documents. Consider how much it is costing to process these “non –core” business activities. Ask your printer about transactional mailing services. It can be cost effective to outsource the processing of your transactional documents, releasing your resources to focus on your real core business instead.

TIP 17 Promotional give-away

How do you do your direct marketing?  Promotional mailings can be an extremely effective way of growing your business with both new and existing customers. However, fulfilling them can be a bit of a headache. Talk to a direct mail house. See if you can save money on your campaigns. They have access to prospect mailing lists, postal discounts, and fast folding and enclosing machines. The money they can save you means they can  more than pay for themselves.

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