Change The Way You Currently Print

Just because you have always done it like that is no longer valid excuse!

TIP 1 Get rid of unnecessary forms.

Take a close look at the paper trail that exists in your organisation. Chances are that you will find some forms that perform little or no useful purpose. They are a relic of the past that have been overlooked. They take time and space to fill in and store. File them in the bin.

TIP 2 Challenge the form.

Do you really need 4 parts to that form? Who uses all the copies and what do they do with them?  Where is it filed?  Why is it the size it is?  Does it need to be printed in colour?  Ask some questions. You’ll slim the cost of printing, reduce what you throw away and have a thinner filing cabinet too.

TIP 3 Check your weight.

Make sure that documents are printed on material of the appropriate weight for their use. Too heavy and you’re wasting money, too flimsy and they may not last the distance.

TIP 4 Only pay for what you use.

Don’t assume that there is a minimum order quantity. Many printed items can be ordered   “on demand” without a significant price penalty.  So don’t order and pay for 1000 copies when you only need 100. Order what you need and waste no more.

TIP 5 Avoid the snail mail.

Many business documents that you currently send by post could be distributed more effectively and at less cost in other ways. Think about your statements and remittances. Posting them will cost you over 22 pence each in postage, plus the cost of the printing, paper and an envelope. You could fax them for a fraction of the postal cost or better still email them for nothing.

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