Innovate your Business Printing

Think outside the box and do something different!

TIP 18 Piggy back your mailing

Save money on direct mail promotions by enclosing promotional messages with your regular mailings. Invoices statements and purchase ledger payments all offer you the opportunity to print a promotional message at no extra cost to your postage budget. So piggy back your promotional message with your regular communications!

TIP 19 More free advertising space

Use the back of your business cards, letterheads or invoices to tell people more about your business. It’s your free advertising space that is so often left blank. Business cards can then double up as a mini brochure. You’ll be surprised at how many customers you have got who don’t know everything you can provide – it’s the easiest way to get extra business.

TIP 20 Print less…get more

You can increase the response rate to your mailings by using your databases more creatively through Variable Image Print. This new concept enables you to merge both data and pictures from your database to create a unique and highly personalised message to the recipient. Because the response rate you will get is much higher you will need to send fewer mailings to achieve the same result as a conventional mailing. You will therefore save on the cost of materials and postage.

If you have any questions about your business printing, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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