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We’re continuing our printing tips this week with the next blog in our series!

Do some forward thinking and it will reap rich rewards

TIP 6 Get the quantity right.

Get the balance right between your printing order quantity and price. Order too much and your cash will be tied up in stock. Order too few and you will be paying more per item and spend more time placing orders. In practice you should aim to order between 6 and 12 months supply.

TIP 7   Run them together.

Documents of similar specifications will save you money if ordered together. So check your stock when you have to re-order. If there’s a similar document running low it may pay to order it early and save money on them both. Find out the average monthly usage of each document. Try to order them in quantities that will mean they have a common re-order point in the future.

TIP 8 Centralise your buying.

Having one department responsible for your print buying will enable you to take control much more easily. A centralised procurement office can co-ordinate different print jobs, manage artwork and ensure the integrity of corporate identity guidelines. If you can’t centralise your buying then consider centralising your sourcing to one supplier who can manage your print for you.

TIP 9 Rationalise your suppliers.

Don’t waste time going out to quote to every printer in the area. Select one or two preferred suppliers who you feel you can trust. There will always be someone who will print it cheaper, but at the end of the day you need a supplier who values your custom. This will pay you dividends the day you need a special favour on that ultra urgent or important job.

TIP 10 Use the specialist.

Get different suppliers to work together for your benefit. For example, if you use a design agency, introduce them to your printer. Remember you wouldn’t get a carpenter to fix your boiler or a plumber to re-wire your house. It follows therefore that you’ll probably get a better deal from your printer on print than you will from your designer. So why not get your specialist to co-operate to save you money.

TIP 11 Get them to store it.

There can be a significant cost advantage in ordering print in larger quantities, but it is heavy and bulky to store. If you are tight on space ask your supplier to store it and distribute it for you. The money you will save on the print should outweigh the extra cost of storage and distribution.

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