Innovate your Business Printing

June 7, 2016

Think outside the box and do something different! TIP 18 Piggy back your mailing Save money on direct mail promotions by enclosing promotional messages with your regular mailings. Invoices statements and purchase ledger payments all offer you the opportunity to print a promotional message at no extra cost to your postage budget. So piggy back […]

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Buy It Out – Effectively Costing Your Business Print

May 19, 2016

Don’t be afraid to subcontract the things others can do better. TIP 16 Get rid of your daily chores Is invoice processing or payroll printing becoming a chore? Evaluate the amount of time and resource you spend on printing, folding, enclosing and posting such documents. Consider how much it is costing to process these “non […]

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Better By Design – Taking Care Of Your Business Print

April 29, 2016

This is just common sense but so many forget to do it!! TIP 12 Make it easy to make Designing your documents so that they can be manufactured easily is often overlooked. Keep your print to industry standard sizes and materials. It will reduce the cost of production and make them easier to use and […]

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The Print Audit

October 23, 2015

To understand the real cost of business print, start by conducting an audit of every document and form used within your organisation. The information you need to gather is relatively simple – made even easier by our new series of blogs! The questions and tips in this series of blogs will help you with all things printing, […]

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