The Myth of the Paperless Office

Paperless Office?

Years ago we were told the day of the paperless office was nigh. Everyone braced themselves for computers to take over the workplace. The computers came. Fax machines arrived. Mobile phones spread. The internet grew and everyone got email. The world of commerce had changed beyond recognition…except for one thing. Offices were still using paper. Lots of it.

Printing remains important

Business print remains the life blood of any organisation. Without it business would find it difficult to sell anything, order anything, make anything, deliver anything or bill anything. This is where we come in and can help meet all of your printing needs.

However the procurement of print is often given a low priority within organisations. It can be regarded as being unimportant. The responsibility for ordering delegated to a receptionist or office junior. This is strange because without print, most of the functions of business would grind to a halt.


How can Print It Now help?

We think business print is very important and have devised a range of top tips to help businesses save on the cost of print procurement and make their paper trail more efficient. Follow our top tip blogs to discover some tried and tested solutions that could save your organisation time, money and waste. Get in touch today.

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